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Natalie & Ashley started LIzzyNicole because we have been actively shifting into a life that is full of purpose, passion & joy.

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Energy Healing Reviews

Natalie is a genius! She has uncovered deep-seated challenges within my physical body that I had suppressed for years. She is the first practitioner to identify the root issues causing these challenges, and give me the strategies to make positive changes in my life, and daily habits. She is empathetic, wise, and a gentle soul which is exactly what I need. I recommend totally - you will be amazed!
Energy Healing Work Reviewed by Emma Goode
I loved working with Natalie recently. Having energy work done remotely is a gift. Not only is it convenient but it means that I can also share and recommend Natalie to others across the globe. Natalie makes you feel at home and it was super easy to build a relationship of trust when working with her. I personally worked through resistance around Financies. We don't have to be fully present to why we are experiencing resistance in areas of Life to have a positive shift through energy work. I would definately recommend Natalie to anyone who is looking for a gentle way to create change in their lives. Thank you so much.
Energy Healing Work Reviewed by Emma Coyne