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300 Min Block Remote Energy Healing Work

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Are you looking for emotional wellness, a balanced body system, helping with clearing of toxins or pathogens?

In society we are living with so many toxins, stress, trauma and so many other things. Having a remote energy healing session with Natalie Bell will be the first start in helping your body achieve balance & homeostasis. 

The body can get bogged down by all kinds of imbalances that then in turn will lead to disease and not feeling your 100% best.  Clearing away the imbalances will lead you to your body working the way it was meant too.

My remote energy work includes a comprehensive look at your goals, your ailments and anything else you want to talk about. I will then work and start clearing, then at the end there may be some things you will need to do to help your body in processing the treatments. Sessions can go anywhere from 15 mins to an 60 mins and I usually will do the session on my own and then email you details.  If you want to do the sessions through a phone call, video call or in person we can talk about that and get it scheduled.

I look forward to working on your health with you!

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